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NDCI is the most prolific publisher of the latest research and strategic innovations for the treatment court field. In our effort to continually improve the way our justice system serves those with addiction and mental health needs, we offer these resources to the field at no charge. Many of these resources are available in Spanish. Haga clic aquí para ver las publicaciones en español.

New Publications Released By NDCI—SPOTLIGHT!

Equity and Inclusion Toolkit (PDF, 1 MB)  -While the Equity and Inclusion standard (Standard II of the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards) covers all aspects of treatment court, this toolkit focuses on access. Recognize that steps you take to improve access will potentially improve retention, treatment, sanctions and incentives, dispositions, and team training.

This is the primary document in the toolkit. It contains links to other helpful documents and tools.

We will begin with a focus on the role professional staff play in determining who accesses your program.

We will look at how to determine who is accessing your program and who should be accessing it.

Then we will look at some factors that may be unintentionally excluding certain groups of individuals from your program.

Next the focus will shift to the participants and to viewing your program as a product that you need to market.

We will use principles of social marketing to explore how to encourage  a behavior—treatment court participation—in your underserved group.

Legal Guidance from the Experts

Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards: The Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards (FTC Standards) (PDF, 6 MB)  have been written to reflect the practice shift toward person-centered, strengths-based, family-focused, and action-oriented practices. This document includes terminology that is used across the FTC’s collaborative partners. The language throughout the FTC Standards embraces the fundamental principle of working with the entire family affected by substance use disorders (SUDs) or co-occurring disorders with a goal toward long-term recovery and reunification through healing and wellness.

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